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Welcome to Mrs. Miller's 4th Grade Homepage!


Hello and welcome to Mrs. Miller's 4-B Webpage! I am so excited to be starting at Springfield Elementary this year and working with you all! I've set up this webpage to keep everyone updated on the goings-on in our classroom this year as well as other important information you may want to be privy to. I will update the information on this site as often as necessary, so check back often to check up on what's happening in our classroom!

About me

Classroom Rules

Classroom Supplies

Important Dates

State Curriculum

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Contact Information


School Phone Number: (501)555-4938 (I do not answer phone calls during school hours unless it is an Emergency.
If you leave a message, I will be sure to call you back after school.)

Mrs. Ellen Miller
Springfield Elementary
5 Evergreen St.
Little Rock, AR

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